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FAST provides sustainable transportation services and benefits to employees, residents and visitors of Potomac Yard in order to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips on-site, improve the efficiency and effective capacity of the transportation infrastructure of Potomac Yard, and encourage a community that is desirable for people to live, work and play.


Board of Directors:

- Jim Eick, President
- Regina Rees, Vice President
- Susan Rao, Secretary
- Jerry Caliguire, Treasurer
- Christopher Hembree


- Marco Torrey, TMP Manager
- Joan Watson, TMP Assistant General Manager
- Brian Campbell, Transportation Support Specialist
Management Company:

Legum and Norman, Inc.
3130 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 200
Falls Church, VA 22042
Office: 703.970.8833
Fax: 703.260.6069

About FAST Potomac Yard

Getting in and out of Potomac Yard is easier than ever before. With Full Access Solutions in Transportation (FAST) for Potomac Yard, employees, visitors and residents of this area can ease their travel hassles and improve the way they get around.

As a non-profit group led by the area’s land developers, we’re working to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips to Potomac Yard while improving the efficiency of the area’s transportation infrastructure. And we’re doing it through a program of smart plans, great incentives and unique services that help you make the best transportation decisions. There’s no better way to get to Potomac Yard.

FAST Advantages

Money Saver
Provides services and solutions that reduce the overall costs of traveling to, from and around Potomac Yard

Participates in Arlington County transportation planning to promote better long-term transportation

Creates individualized transportation solutions for Potomac Yard businesses, employees, visitors and residents

Information Clearinghouse
Provides important information on transportation issues, regulations and available services

Monitors Potomac Yard transportation conditions and other issues of concern to the program

Educates members on transportation problems, strategies and solutions

Regulatory Monitor
Ensures members of FAST uphold their agreements

FAST Actions

Through a network of cost-effective programs and services, FAST is setting out to:

• Increase transportation options in Potomac Yard

• Provide financial savings to Potomac Yard businesses, employees and residents

• Reduce traffic congestion, parking problems and the need for more roads

• Reduce pollution emissions

FAST benefits will include:

• Vanpool and carpool options for employees and residents

• Discounted 9S Metrobus shuttle

• Incentives and services to make biking to work simple

• More programs and benefits still to come

Contact FAST today to learn more about these programs, new benefits and eligibility requirements.