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Whether you're a Potomac Yard business, employee or resident, FAST will make your life easier. Sign up now and begin receiving our many services and taking advantage of our many benefits. By working with FAST, you’ll always have full access to the best solutions in Potomac Yard transportation, such as the Guaranteed Ride Home and various ridesharing programs.

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Carpooling Program

Are gas prices putting a hurting on your finances? Do you want to try the HOV lanes? Join Full Access Solutions in Transportation’s (FAST) Gas Pass Program now to earn incentives and benefits for sharing a ride to work!

All you have to do is meet the following eligibility requirements …

  • Complete a FAST Gas Pass Program Application with at least one Carpooler Rider signed up. Application must be approved by FAST for acceptance into the program

  • Read and Agree to the Program Terms and Conditions and maintain the Monthly Carpool Log.

    Do you want to carpool but don’t know where to find riders or a group?

  • Go to Commuter Connection’s website and fill out the rideshare registration form under “Carpool” or just call them at 800.745.RIDE to get help finding riders and groups

  • Go to our Carpool Seeking Program and join a carpool/vanpool via our FAST website.

  • You can also contact FAST at 240.450-5779 to find out which existing FAST Carpools are in your area and accepting riders and to find out tips and tricks to starting up a carpool or joining one.

    Participants may be eligible for the following:

    • $100 gas card/quarter for the Carpool Captain

    • Reduced garage parking fees

    • Rewards through www.nuride.com

    **Eligibility determined by FAST

    This program may end or be modified at any time, so act FAST!!!!!

    Carpool Program Application

    Click HERE to fill out an application