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Whether you're a Potomac Yard business, employee or resident, FAST will make your life easier. Sign up now and begin receiving our many services and taking advantage of our many benefits. By working with FAST, you’ll always have full access to the best solutions in Potomac Yard transportation, such as the Guaranteed Ride Home and various ridesharing programs.

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Carpool Seeking Program

Looking for a carpool or a vanpool to work? Want to spend less on your gas expenses? Join Full Access Solutions in Transportation's (FAST) Carpool Seeking Program now to find a carpool/vanpool to work!

To join our program, follow the steps below:

  • Register an account here and choose "Carpool Seeker" as your User Type.

  • Click "Fill out a Carpool/Vanpool Request" and submit your profile. Your request will be advertised to all active carpools and vanpools on their left navigation bars.

  • Wait for an email from FAST with information from an interested carpool/vanpool, communicate with their captain, and follow the instructions in the email to complete your request.

  • That's it! You will now be a part of the Carpooling Program or the Vanpooling Program!