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Introducing Commuter Check for Bicycling

Commuter Check for Bicycling is a brand new subsidy program offered by FAST Potomac Yard for commuters who PRIMARILY use bicycling as their preferred method of commuting. To jump to our Frequently Asked Questions segment, please click here. If you're already ready to sign up, click here and choose "Commuter Check for Bicycling" as your program.

Each month, a bicycle commuter may apply to receive a subsidy of $20.00 in the form of a check (Commuter Check for Bicycling). The term “check” and “coupon” will be used interchangeably throughout this summary, but they are one and the same. The check (i.e. coupon) may be used as cash at a variety of participating locations throughout the DC Metro Area. For a list of participating locations, please click here.

Once you complete the online registration form, you will be asked to print and submit your Bicycle Verification Form. This form should be filled out by either your HR Department (if you work for an Arlington Potomac Yard business) or your front desk (if you live at an Arlington Potomac Yard residence). It is essential that the Bicycle Verification Form be submitted, as this completes the registration process and lets our administrators know that you want to receive this benefit.

The online registration forms are available between the 1st-7th of each month and then again from the 16th-the end of the month. Registration is closed between 12:00am on the 8th-11:59pm on the 15th for website routine maintenance.

Once received, your Bicycle Verification Form will fall into one of two categories:
  • Received between the 16th-7th
  • Received between the 8th-15th
For example:

If your Bicycle Verification Form is received between April 16th-May 7th and your application is approved, your check would be valid beginning June 1st.

If your Bicycle Verification Form is received between May 8th-May 15th and your application is approved, your check would be valid beginning July 1st. Any approved Bicycle Verification Form received from May 16th-June 7th would also have a check valid beginning July 1st. The same logic applies to other months of the year.

Our administrative staff will update your account to show whether or not your entire application (online application plus Bicycle Verification Form) is approved. If your request is approved, you will see a check # on your profile and an expiration date. The expiration date is the last day you may redeem your check with FAST Potomac Yard (i.e. it is the last day you can request that your check be mailed to you). For more on redeeming checks, please click here or read below. Each check is valid for approximately 15 months. This is denoted on your profile as “Coupon Dates” ***NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE REDEMPTION PERIOD***

Coupon Dates

The total number of months that your check may be used at a participating bike shop. This time frame is approximately 15 months.
Redemption Period (i.e. Expiration)

The last opportunity for you to claim your check from FAST. This is 2 months before your coupon's end date. Once you hit the "Redeem" button, the check will be mailed to you automatically. It will be up to you to maintain it for safekeeping and make sure you use it at a participating bike shop before the coupon expires. If you do not "Redeem" your coupon by this date, the coupon will be sent back to Commuter Check for Bicycling. You will have forfeited your right to receive this check and you will not be eligible to receive a replacement check.
For example:
In this case, you must redeem your coupon (i.e. request that your coupon be mailed to you) before 6/30/2014 in order to receive your benefit.

As long as you are an Arlington Potomac Yard resident or an employee of an Arlington Potomac Yard business, you may request to receive a $20.00 check from our Commuter Check for Bicycling Program on a monthly basis. Because the checks are good for such a long period of time, you have 2 redemption options available to you:

Redemption Options

GREEN METHOD (Recommended): You have the option of accumulating one check each month and storing them on your Profile until you want to buy something more expensive. In this instance, FAST acts as your bank and when you want to redeem (i.e. withdraw from your account) any number of checks you have accumulated, you may do so. Once these checks are sent to you, they become your responsibility to safeguard and spend accordingly. You may want to make a concerted effort to go to a participating bike shop soon after you redeem them so you don’t lose them or forget about them. Each coupon has an expiration date and they spend like cash.
Ex: Sally decides to redeem 2 checks at once for $40.00 so she can buy new racing attire. FAST will mail both checks at the same time.
Ex: David decides to redeem 10 of the 13 checks he has accumulated so he can make a hefty payment on a new bike. FAST will mail the 10 checks David has indicated he would like to have sent to him for a total of $200.00.
REDEEMING AS YOU ACQUIRE: You also have the option of redeeming each check as you acquire it. This is not recommended, but it is an option. In this option, once you see a check number posted on your Profile, you may “Redeem” that check immediately. Once these checks are sent to you, they become your responsibility to safeguard and spend accordingly. FAST cannot replace lost, stolen, expiring, or expired checks, so it will be up to you to make sure you keep track of the checks that have been sent to you and spend them prior to their expiration date.
Ex: Jennifer has a flat tire and needs a patch kit. Jennifer pulls out a $20.00 check that was sent to her by FAST and purchases a patch kit at her local bike shop.
Ex: Charles just wants to make sure he gets his checks immediately after his application is approved. Charles asks to “Redeem” his newly acquired $20.00 Commuter Check and FAST mails it to him.

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Still have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details!